Tuesday, January 01, 2019

14456: The Advertising Landscape Will Evolve Into White Heat.

Adweek published a perspective—“How the Advertising Landscape Will Continue to Evolve in 2019”—which is actually self-promotional bullshit from Heat President Mike Barrett. Incidentally, Heat merged with Deloitte Digital in 2016, creating a digital-driven consultancy. What makes things so hilarious—and painfully accurate—is the stock photo selected to illustrate the piece (depicted above). In short, the continuing evolution of the advertising landscape involves a bunch of White people, preferably Millennials willing to accept low wages. A peek at the Heat website confirms the matter, as even house pets outnumber racial and ethnic minorities. It’s a sad contrast to Deloitte’s alleged commitment to diversity and inclusion, but that’s what happens when a company partners with entities from adland.

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