Friday, February 02, 2007

Essay 1651

BHM2007: Good grief! Where’s Franklin?


Make the logo bigger said...

If we all paused to stop using Peanuts characters in print ads, Life would be much better®/

Hajpaj said...

lol. Franklin was the coolest Peanut character next to Snoopy. Schultz actually made Franklin smart--he was like a math whiz.. Whenever they got stuck with some contraption or whatever, they'd call Franklin and he'd whisper something in somebody's ear or he'd pull put a calculator and give 'em the answer.

Other than that, I don't think he talked.

Might've been the first magical negro in anime... Stymie had him beat on the live action tip tho.

When i was like 10 and into karate flicks, me and my friends used to joke that Franklin was a black ninja.--did his thing and then ghost.

you'd think some GM shop would try Franklin in a "targeted" effort...

Make the logo bigger said...

I worked at an agency with MetLife as a client. Schultz is amazingly guarded over those characters and hwo and where they can be used.