Monday, April 19, 2010

7623: Delayed WTF 3—Denver Egotist Ignorant.

Over the past few months, MultiCultClassics has been occupied with real work. As a result, a handful of events occurred without the expected blog commentary. This limited series—Delayed WTF—seeks to make belated amends for the absence of malice.

MultiCultClassics is not a regular visitor of The Denver Egotist. In fact, the staff of this blog never visits that blog. But a February post by a writer identified as Felix—“So, Are There No Scary Black People Any More?”—warrants a quick response in addition to the current 90+ comments.

To be clear, this isn’t intended to be a direct attack on Felix. Rather, it’s about examining the attitudes and perspectives behind the writing. How many adpeople share Felix’s distorted point of view? Is Felix representing the majority of the industry, or is he simply responding to the affects of high altitude living in Colorado?

The silliness starts with the opening sentence: This could be my most incendiary post to date. As MultiCultClassics has not read any of Felix’s previous posts, it’s difficult to verify the statement. But it’s easy to conclude this could be his most ignorant post to date.

Felix presents a contrived and clichéd rant about perceived political correctness in advertising, yet he serves it up in a politically correct style. He is actually more cautious and defensive than the advertisers he criticizes. While Felix insists he’s being racial versus racist, he fails to see that he’s just culturally clueless—which he’ll likely take as an accusation of being racist. Whatever. Oh, and he also displays stereotypical White male paranoia.

Felix’s use of “facts” is interesting. He believes crime statistics suggest Broadview Security should show greater diversity in its commercial depictions of criminals. Sure, there are disproportionately high numbers of minorities in prisons. But are the majority of minority felons behind bars for failed attempts at breaking into the dwellings of White suburbanites with security systems—while the victims are at home?

Another Felix fact declares, “The actors and models getting the most work these days aren’t white, and they aren’t black. They’re of ‘mixed race,’ meaning that you can’t quite tell what their ethnic background is.” Um, what network is Felix watching? Sorry, you won’t find evidence to support his fact even on SyFy.

In the end, “So, Are There No Scary Black People Any More?” confirms there are plenty of scary stupid White people in the advertising industry. And sadly, too many of them publish blogs.


Jaden said...

ummm....but isn't he right? Isn't it weird that there is no ethnic diversity in the advertising? Are we not allowed to show ourselves in a negative light as well as positive? Seems like hypocrisy to me.

kissMyBlackAds said...

good post, I saw felix's post a while back. some it was to confusing to combat. some of his commenters schooled him readily. but he wiggle out and refused to take into consideration the whole of racism and it's genesis as a reason for any of this existing in the first place. so it was obvious he was turning a blind eye to the real issue. why argue when someone refuse to account for the entire picture.

seems to me "we" have been shown in every light there is and they still haven't got it right.

HighJive said...

Actually, Felix's post isn't confusing at all—when read through the eyes of a paranoid and culturally clueless White male.

shaun. said...

also read his post awhile back. chose not to comment on it for the simple fact that he is from Colorado. Midwesterners are a tricky bunch. there is an internal battle (for those in big cities) of "trying to understand race relation."

i felt it to be a useless battle. but i agree with KMBA..."we" have been shown in every light...including presidency, and people will always be confused,