Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9317: ADCOLOR® Agency Diversity Ads.

MultiCultClassics doesn’t regularly read the print edition of Adweek anymore, and missed the agency advertisements commemorating the latest ADCOLOR® soiree. As a result, the images below were lifted from copyranter, who was actually quite generous in his appraisal of the work. Perhaps he graded the stuff on a bell curve. Anyway, here are MultiCultClassics’ one-liner reactions.

This TBWA ad is all just a bunch of fuckingshitcontriveddamnhackneyedcocksuckingclichédasslickingcrap.

What?! Draftfcb CEO Laurence Boschetto is a Bostonian?!!!

Called this one in 2009.

Wonder if BBH bought a table at the gala diversity event and left it unattended.

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