Saturday, May 25, 2013

11154: Godzilla Fries Attack Japan.

From The New York Daily News…

McDonald’s Mega Potato back at select Japan restaurants

The eateries will sell the massive servings of fries for about $5 and the serving size is the equivalent of two large orders.

By Sasha Goldstein / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Super-super-super-size me!

In Japan, they want fries with that — and McDonald’s is giving it to them.

On Friday, the country’s fast-food lovers will welcome back the Mega Potato, a gigantic, unwieldy looking box of those delicious golden fries. It’s the equivalent of two large orders, Japan Today reported, and will set you back 490 yen — about $5.

It might also be your only meal for the day. The thing weighs about three-quarters of a pound and clocks in at 1,142 calories, Muripo reports. It also has about 57 grams of fat and almost 800 milligrams of sodium.

But McDonald’s insists the carton is perfect for sharing. The promotional photo of the beast shows four different hands digging in.

The Mega Potato is a limited-time offering at the fast-food restaurant, like the on-again, off-again McRib sometimes found at McDonald’s in the U.S.

Japan Today said the hefty potato package is about three times the size of your standard hamburger.

It’s not the first time Japan’s love for those Golden Arches fries has made headlines. Last year, Japanese students were photographed having “potato parties” in McDonald’s. With a low promotional price of about $2, kids were getting together to buy huge amounts of fries. In one instance last October, a group of high schoolers bought 60 servings of large fries and spent three hours downing each and every last one.

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