Thursday, May 30, 2013

11165: ADC’s 50/50 Is Half-Assed.

AgencySpy posted an inane video from the Art Directors Club calling for the industry to embrace gender equality with its 50/50 initiative. First of all, if any art directors were involved in the production of the video, they should have their club memberships immediately revoked. An organization that routinely displays sexism, exclusivity and racism should not be lecturing culturally clueless co-conspirators on the virtues of affirmative action. BTW, does the ADC even realize that the group which most benefitted from affirmative action is White women? ADC Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno admitted the 92-year-old club’s creators were discriminating White men who refused to open the doors to women until 1942 (although the ADC website states it happened in 1943). Of course, Oreamuno failed to mention that the first Black member—Georg Olden—wasn’t allowed in until 1952. The organization’s current Board of Directors comes close to reaching the 50/50 goal; however, the numbers aren’t nearly so rosy when held up against the screen of diversity. Maybe Oreamuno can host another soiree featuring Neil French. Hell, advertising women like Karen Mallia seem to corroborate the old man’s perspectives. In the end, the ADC’s 50/50 is 100 percent bullshit.

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