Wednesday, January 17, 2018

13983: Stars From Mars & Beyond.

Campaign presented “Power 100 Next Generation 2018”—marketing’s alleged rising stars—whose featured stars look like all the exclusive power players from previous generations. M&M’s Brand Director Alexa Saller added a dose of divertsity by gushing, “I am so proud of Maltesers’ mission to stand up for diversity, but what’s most important is that it comes from a really genuine place. It’s something our vice-president of marketing, Michele Oliver, is personally passionate about—and consumers recognise that. Using your brand to make a difference through your supply chain or with your advertising, backed up by concrete commitments, gives consumers a reason to pay attention to you.” Okay, but don’t be offended if MultiCultClassics pays no attention to your Pollyannaish and patronizing propaganda.

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