Saturday, September 27, 2008

5990: Cream Of The Crap.

MultiCultClassics didn’t follow the Olympics in Beijing, and therefore missed the notable advertising for Cream of Wheat. Quaker revamped Aunt Jemima and Masterfoods restyled Uncle Ben, so it makes sense to feature the iconic Rastus again too. Adweek reported Cream of Wheat parent company B&G Foods has even more Olympian commercials in the can. The company’s evp of marketing said, “The Olympics have all the family values and positive equities we want associated with our brand.” Um, right. So why not depict a Black athlete teaming up with Rastus? Actually, this spot looks like it was written and produced when Rastus was a young man.


warren said...

So ... Shannon Miller and Amanda Borden are a lesbian couple today?

HighJive said...

wondered the same thing. why are they having breakfast/living together?

Hammer said...

It's a damn commercial!