Monday, September 29, 2008

5994: Some Of Mad Men’s Best Friends Are Black.

AMC series Mad Men continued its schizophrenic depictions of Blacks.

This week, the elevator operator returned. Both Don Draper and Peggy Olson acknowledged the man—Don actually called him by name—and even had a cordial conversation with him.

Meanwhile, Carla, the Draper’s housekeeper, consoled a despondent Betty as if they were close friends. Carla revealed she’d been married for almost 20 years and offered sage, insightful advice.

Why does this program take a politically-correct position with Blacks, yet trash everyone else?

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Anonymous said...

i noticed the line about being hidden in plain sight. I thought it was ironic since that has been the depiction of African American's so far on the show.

Also I think Roger told Don BBDO hired a "colored" kid. This got a somewhat dubious remark from Don about "not wanting to be that kid" next week it looks like they will touch on Paul's interracial relationship.