Sunday, November 30, 2008

6199: Designed To Make You Think.

The Advertising Concept Book by Pete Barry is pretty old school in its basic premise: Think Now, Design Later.

At first blush, MultiCultClassics figured the book was playing off outdated notions. After all, in today’s hyper-speed industry, we’re often forced to design ads while thinking things out. With disciplines like digital, where the project schedules are even more accelerated, creative teams are usually designing before thinking. So it appeared as if Barry was applying 20th century reasoning to 21st century realities.

But the author ultimately shows that he knows his shit. Barry spent much of his advertising career at Ogilvy London, and currently teaches at Syracuse University. His book reflects his exceptional skills as an adman and teacher.

For veterans, the book will probably force you to reexamine your methods and rededicate your efforts. For students, you’ll discover one of the best presentations of the creative process available.

The Advertising Concept Book displays tons of classic ads. However, rather than simply depict the work, Barry literally penciled each layout—hammering the point that the thinking behind a concept must precede the design.

What’s more, the chapter covering digital demonstrates an understanding of “new media” that few traditional adpeople seem to grasp.

Yes, Barry is stuck on the fundamentals of the business. But he’s also clearly cognizant of the contemporary challenges. The Advertising Concept Book demands to be read right now.

Learn more about The Advertising Concept Book by Pete Barry here.

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