Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8175: Diageo’s Diversity Disconnect.

Diageo is so serious about diversity, the premium drinks manufacturer has produced print ads and even a video to show their commitment. Yet the company doesn’t seem to mind partnering with advertising agencies staffed by exclusivity drunks.

Hat tip to Make The Logo Bigger.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah this is a joke. External agencies are one thing, let's talk about the marketing department. Though Diageo sells probably about 30% of its alcohol in the United States to black people (that's conservative) no more than 5% of its marketing department is comprised of black americans. In an effort to recruit more African Americans, Diageo hires interns at the National Black MBA Conference. Sounds great, but when it comes time to give out full time jobs, all black interns have gotten REJECTED two years in a row. These are people who go to top schools and have worked at top companies...clearly not idiots. They should be spending their time and energy figuring THAT out vs. making patronizing propoganda ads. I'm just sayin.