Sunday, September 02, 2012

10468: LaNeve LaBor Day Weekend Laughs.

MultiCultClassics isn’t the only one thinking new Team Detroit CEO Mark LaNeve is a slimy idiot.

In 2008, Ray Wert at Jalopnik had fun with LaNeve’s email to GM dealers asking them to call their representatives in Congress and beg for bailout support.

Additionally, Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars likened LaNeve to Curly Howard of The Three Stooges.

In 2009, Farago examined letters from LaNeve to GM dealers. By October, Farago was declaring, “Mark LaNeve is Insane.”

Meanwhile, blogger Chris Preston ripped LaNeve after receiving junk mail from the former GM executive:

This guy sent me a “letter” this week. His name is Mark LaNeve. He’s the North American Vice President of Sales, Services and Marketing for General Motors. Please note the cufflinks.

The letter I received was all happy talk about how GM is working so hard to serve my needs and how committed they are to being my car company of choice in the future or something. I tossed the letter out after the third paragraph, which was calling my attention to the Aveo, the new model that GM is introducing “in the compact car segment for 2009.”

The “compact car segment"?” Is this the way you talk to your friends? (Ol’ Mark probably does, when he and his buddies tee off while laughing about customer demographics…) Mark sees me as a profit source because I’m someone who’s already bought. It’s his responsibility to get me to buy again. However, he made the mistake of assuming that I give a damn about his “brand” and that I feel that he and I have needs that [complement] each other. He knew exactly what kind of car I owned, and still pitched me on a compact? Clueless. He didn’t even use the information he already had about me as a customer, how could he care about me as a person? What he should have done was connect with me, make himself available to me personally and explain how my concerns and his are similar. Wasted paper and postage, Mark. You’re just a dinosaur, man. Your day is in the past. Sorry pal. Nice tie.

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