Wednesday, April 24, 2013

11103: P&G Advocates Diversity? No Way.

The New York Times printed corrections to the piece spotlighted in post 11099 about Procter & Gamble backing a Black movie as part of its My Black is Beautiful campaign. The updates involved stating the proper year for the campaign’s launch and the official date that the film will air on BET. However, no fixes were applied to the story’s title, “Celebrating Black Beauty and Advocating Diversity.”

Talk about a major misstatement. To claim that P&G advocates diversity is like saying Mickey D’s displays concern about the obesity epidemic.

After all, here is a client that could easily bring change to the industry by simply insisting all of its agencies embrace diversity. Or else. It really is that easy.

Yet clients like P&G turn a (color)blind eye to the exclusivity on Madison Avenue, opting instead to promote minority movies while cutting the crumbs doled out to minority advertising agencies.

If someone produced a documentary on the discrimination in our industry, would P&G bankroll the effort?

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