Wednesday, February 21, 2018

14025: BG BS.

Advertising Age published White advertising agency news items, including the following blurb:

Dialing up diversity

Independent marketing and communications agency Brownstein Group has begun a program called “BG20 x 2020,” designed to make sure 20 percent of its agency staff comes from underrepresented backgrounds by 2020. The Philadelphia-based shop, which says it already has a pretty significant number of women and LGBTQ community members on staff, plans on expanding recruitment efforts to schools and universities with historically higher percentages of people of color. Brownstein Group is also starting a “BG Gives Back” effort focused on purpose-driven initiatives.

It’s not the first time that Brownstein Group has been spotlighted and examined for its alleged commitment to diversity. Why, the place was offering expanded school visits and scholarships to minorities in 2006. A decade later—after securing “a pretty significant number of women and LGBTQ community members” in the office—the White advertising agency is now focusing on people of color. At this rate, “BG20 x 3020” is a more realistic program title.

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