Friday, February 09, 2018

14009: BHM 2018—Toyota.

Toyota celebrates BHM with Afrofuturism—and a layout that looks very outdated.


ISeeYouToyota said...

Speaking from experience, Toyota and its agencies toss a handful of pocket change at black ad people once a year, for Black History Month ads. The result is mostly crap magazine work and digital banners that look like they were designed by college students, because that's what you can accomplish on peanuts.

Then they shovel 6-figure jobs to white foreigners to create big budget "urban" TV and web ads that "just happen" to air during Black History Month. The result is sleek, shiny high end work that nets all those white Germans and Australians and Europeans even more future work featuring black people.

So the black ad professionals get stuck in a loop of regurgitated stock photo print jobs, and the white foreigners get more and more high budget Black History Month work year after year. Take a look at the Lexus Black Panther work if you want to see it in action.

Thanks, Toyota.

Anonymous said...

Toyota's black advertising problem is that Burrell sucks. Their work reliably feels dated, flat, and esoteric because they don't have to be talented to get paid--they just have to be historically black. They've had the same matronly conservative leadership and recruiter for decades. And most who work there have no intention of ever working anywhere else. As a result, complacency breeds crap.