Tuesday, April 17, 2018

14112: Predicting Divertsity.

Adweek published a story titled, “4A’s Attendees Predict How the Ad Industry Will Evolve Over the Next 5 Years—Marketers offered thoughts on everything from diversity to tech to the agency model.” Not surprisingly, the report only included three thoughts on diversity—and two quotes came from executives at minority advertising agencies. Don’t mean to pick on the White thought leader, but Anomaly Group Strategy Director Laura Rowan opined, “I really hope that we’re still not talking about diversity being underrepresented. There’s actual pockets [of the industry] where there’s behavior that just isn’t equal or fair to certain groups of people.” Yes, and the “pockets” are White advertising agencies—although it’s a safe bet that Rowan’s “behavior that just isn’t equal or fair” comment is referring to discrimination targeting White women. After all, racial and ethnic minorities won’t experience equality in the advertising industry for 60 years at least.

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