Sunday, April 01, 2018

14089: No Chance For Heineken.

Advertising Age reported Chance the Rapper was offered a Global Brand Ambassador-Creative Director position with Heineken—and the artist graciously declined, bucking the trend of Black recording artists landing advertising roles.

“I think some companies are purposely hiring Black artists so they can get more street cred. And that shit is racist/bogus, so I guess I shouldn’t help by playing along,” tweeted the rapper. “But I gotta just say tho. Heineken is terribly racist omg.”

Heineken responded to the rejection quickly, offering the same position to MC Hammer, although for considerably less money.

Meanwhile, White advertising agency Publicis has pledged to continue looking for Blacks to hire too.

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Anonymous said...

AH-HAAA! Couldn't get Chance, . . . so they went with Hammer?! WTF. That's not even close to the same caliber of artist relevancy. Just goes to show, clueless agencies really don't give two shits about getting it right. One black face is as good as another to them. #tokenismliveson