Sunday, April 01, 2018

14088: #MeToo #ThreeToo.

The 3% Movement announced an exciting extension to its popular 3% Certified program: 3% Sexual Harassment Certified. “Given all the sexual harassment and predatory behavior being exposed in recent months, it seemed natural that we offer expert help and guidance to advertising agencies,” explained The 3% Movement Founder Kat Gordon. “Plus, I’m always seeking opportunities for shameless self-promotion and unsolicited pontification.” The sister certification also features two outcomes:

3% Sexual Harassment Certified Platinum is the level of certification reserved for agencies where less than 3% of C-suite positions are held by convicted sex offenders.

3% Sexual Harassment Certified Aluminum is the level of certification given to all other agencies who enroll in the program and pay the obligatory registration fee (a tax-deductible contribution, of course!).

Other perks for participating agencies include FREE guest passes to The 3% Movement events and positive mentions at Diet Madison Avenue.

“The 3% Sexual Harassment Certified program is fucking awesome!” gushed Divertsity Diva and pseudo-provocateur Cindy Gallop. “It’s about fucking time someone fucking took action on this fucking subject!” Then Gallop went back to openly sharing her penchant for dating twenty-something men and encouraging the industry to inject more sex into campaigns.

Joe Alexander, Ted Royer, Adam Grohs, Duan Evans, Gustavo Martinez, Ralph Watson, Eric Springer and Paul Colman declined comment.

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