Sunday, May 31, 2009

6791: Twitter Suspension Lifted.

The one-day suspension is over, as Twitter has restored the MultiCultClassics account. There was no explanation for the reversal, just as there was no reasoning offered for the shutdown. But the incident did demonstrate Twitter is not in touch with its users, as the service provided zero human connections and plenty of irrelevant links to useless content—somewhat symbolic of the overall Twitter experience. Although we did pick up one Horny Kitty follower.

Feel free to join Horny Kitty by following us on Twitter.


Jetpacks said...

I've found Horny Kitty to be an invaluable recourse.

Glad you're back on Twitter. Give it a second chance.

Auto Glass Repair said...

Twitter banned me for no reason, and when i emailed them 4 months ago i got a were to busy response. Perhaps twitter should figure out how to make money b4 obama has to bail them out.

Caribbean said...

they blocked me too for no reason