Monday, July 12, 2010

7778: Bermuda Shorts With BNET & GlobalHue.

BNET advertising reporter Jim Edwards is still examining the controversy surrounding GlobalHue and the Bermuda Tourism account. Edwards continues to ask, “How did GlobalHue get this account, and has its handling of it been honest?” The answer to the latter part of the question is anybody’s guess. In today’s advertising business, the typical agency CFO would have a hard time using “client billing” and “honest” in the same sentence. Hell, some of the most creative work in the industry happens in BDA accounting departments. If GlobalHue did indeed cook the books, well, it’s probably just another example of a minority shop emulating their White counterparts. As for wondering how GlobalHue got the account—without a competitive bid, according to Edwards—does anyone really give a shit? In recent months, multimillion-dollar brands like Chevrolet, Cadillac and IHOP have been handed to White agencies with zero review. Other accounts like Quaker Oats and Uncle Ben’s went into “review” between agencies within a single network. The $28 million Bermuda account doesn’t come close to matching any of the aforementioned brands in terms of value to an agency.

Not saying that the GlobalHue-Bermuda scenario isn’t rife with alleged clumsiness and corruption. And coupled with the Census-related shakedown accusations, the shop is looking pretty sleazy. But the allegations seem like potential misdemeanor offenses versus the standard crimes committed on Madison Avenue.

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