Thursday, May 24, 2012

10122: Musings On Muse’s White Space.

In its next episode, AMC series The Pitch will feature Muse Communications as the first non-White agency to appear on the program. Don’t bet on the reality TV show incorporating the suggestions of this blog. Regardless, Muse is taking advantage of the opportunity to make a statement with White Space—which is scheduled to air during the upcoming broadcast. The spot is already creating some White noise at Agency Spy, where the comments display all the stereotypical cultural cluelessness ignited by discussions on diversity.


Anonymous said...

At least their speaking out. But they have no power to change diversity. The only people that have the power are white people. Black people have no power in advertising. Jo Muse has no say in changing diversity. Talk is cheap. The sad thing is no white person will touch this issue. Unless they get hit with a lawsuit it will be business as usual for the next 50 years with a few token hires, to calm the blacks down. But no this industry will never have diversity.

Anonymous said...

So yeah who's gonna stop these agencies from being all white. This is the way its been since the beginning. Ive yet to see a real plan of action in addressing this problem, heck if you want to keep it "real" blacks have done nothing themselves to address the problem. Their still sitting in the back of the bus.