Saturday, April 26, 2014

11838: Why The L.A. Clippers Will Lose.

The Los Angeles Clippers will not win an NBA Championship this season. And there’s nothing that talented players like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin—or masterful coach Doc Rivers—can do about it. Alas, the team will face defeat because of owner Donald Sterling. News sources indicate Sterling told his trophy girlfriend that he doesn’t want her bringing Blacks to games.

In 2011, MultiCultClassics identified Offensive Karma as a key driver to a team’s downfall. Offensive Karma is defined by a team’s display of offensiveness in the form of words or actions rooted in bigotry, discrimination and ignorance—which then leads to the team’s ultimate demise in the championship tourney.

So at this point, Sterling has sealed the fate of his team. Now, the Clippers may succeed in defeating the Golden State Warriors; however, they will not end the season with a trophy and rings. Unless the Miami Heat or San Antonio Spurs proceed to hold Klan rallies during halftime shows, trumping Sterling’s ignorance.

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