Monday, September 29, 2014

12110: And The Bland Played On.

Advertising Week 2014—aka AWXI—should be renamed Advertising White 2014, as minorities are virtually invisible at the annual soiree.

Sure, there are music artists and celebrities of color performing and/or injecting star appeal. And minority adpeople have been seeded into seminars, workshops and special events. However, the minority-focused items listed in the 2014 Official Guide for AWXI constitute perhaps the fewest in years (MultiCultClassics only spotted one LGBT affair and a single multicultural presentation).

Where are all the Black people? Well, for some unexplained reason, Here Are All The Black People took place last week. Did The One Club finally get tired of competing with the more popular Advertising Week offerings where all the White people are?

Also, where are all the Cross-Cultural clowns? You’d think AWXI might be an ideal forum for spreading the post-racial propaganda.

AWXI does, however, feature lots of content on Millennials, Baby Boomers and White women. Why, these historically victimized groups appear to represent The New Minorities On Madison Avenue.

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