Thursday, April 16, 2015

12627: Egotist Exclusivity.

The San Francisco Egotist presented San Francisco’s 32 Under 32 for 2015—and sparked well over 32 comments on the exclusive group’s lack of diversity. Plus, the publication lived up to its egotist name with snide and culturally clueless responses.

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Anonymous said...

Cant really blame them. You'll be hard pressed to find even find 32 black or latino creatives in the entire ad industry in san fran. White Recruiters, will recruit their friends. Right now there is no real support system or network for black or latino advertising talent. I've spoken to many who just leave the industry after 1-2 years because their the only ones at most agencies. Others are doing custodial or door keeping. This has to change. People need to be held accountable. For an industry that claims to be liberal. It has to be the most blatantly racist industries in the USA. These agencies should be scouring the country looking for different types of people to bring in and not just the status quo white hipster. Especially african americans and latinos who have a pulse on trends and pop culture, why dont they hire them? It makes no sense why they wouldn't target people of color. These agencies are either blatantly dumb or blatantly racist. This is madness!