Friday, April 24, 2015

12637: DiversityInc Top 50 Hypocrites.

The DiversityInc Top 50 List for 2015—surprise, surprise—did not include any advertising agencies or advertising holding companies. However, the lineup featured major advertisers like Mastercard, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Cox Communications, General Mills, IBM, Target, Comcast, Dell, Allstate, Walt Disney, Toyota, Colgate-Palmolive, Kraft Foods and Verizon. It’s astonishingly hypocritical how corporations can be so committed to inclusiveness, yet conspire with White advertising agencies where diversity remains a dream deferred and denied. DiversityInc should add a qualification requirement regarding a candidate’s relationship with White advertising agencies. They’d struggle to identify even five legitimate contenders.

P.S., not sure what’s up with the invisible company occupying slot 40.

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