Saturday, April 04, 2015

12608: Go Ahead, Shit Yourself.

TBWA in Thailand wins the award for shitty insensitivity.

From Ads of the World.


allTHIS said...

Yay for diversity! 3% Conference celebrates yet another white woman being named ECD, yet again.

At what point do they recognize that if 97% of the ECDs they're celebrating as "diverse" are white women, then some serious irony is going on?

Anonymous said...

HAHA , you think they don't recognize it ? I wonder what black women, or hispanic women or asian women think about this. Only way to change these people is to publicaly embarrass or fine them or you have to force them to show the actual hiring data broken down by race, and somehow sue the industry or take them to court. Until clients feel uncomfortable going to the all white staff advertising meetings, then there will be no change.

road_hog_11 said...

I agree the only way anything's going to change in the ad world is if the hiring data is released, AND someone's smart enough to go through it hold the agencies accountable.

They'll toss every unpaid intern and janitor in the world there just to get their diversity numbers up.

Google and Yahoo did it, I don't know why the ad agencies are dragging so bad unless they know what we've always suspected, which is that minority hiring in exec and creative director positions is around 3% to 4%.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone stopped and counted the number of minority female Creative Directors nationwide?

I mean minority minorities, not "agency hired a female Brazilian or Spanish or UK ECD who just set foot on American soil for the first time a few days ago."

You can't start a movement with 6 or 7 people. And you can't change any of this until the data is released.

Anonymous said...

All it takes is, 5 or 6 agencies to lose 1 or 2 major clients to not having diversity, then that will cause a major ripple effect. Or you have to get some white folks that actually care, that hold the power at these agencies to speak up and call our their own colleagues for years of discrimination. It's a game of chicken, or who blinks first. Then there will be the blame game. Who's at fault etc. Clients will blame agencies, and agencies will blame clients for not speaking up. Agencies will blame HR or diversity officers. Diversity officers will then blame Creative Directors who then will blame it on a lack of talent or colleges not recruiting etc. These colleges will then start another minority recruiting program, then the cycle will repeat every 5-10 years.

Ask yourself ,how are all these agencies finding white females to staff there ECD or CD roles. Theres no magical website listing female talent, or women minority program out there. Everything is done by referral. White people are just recommending their white female friends for these jobs regardless if they're talented or not.