Saturday, October 29, 2016

13411: Campaign For Diverted Diversity.

Campaign is currently featuring diverted diversity content including “How to stage a creative comeback” (introducing the notion of maternity discrimination), new business department roles for White women to pursue, top strategies for working mums, McCann Chairman and CCO Joyce King Thomas blathering on about leadership and an editorial on adland’s woeful treatment of mothers—written by the resident Black woman at the trade publication. Why, there might be more diverted diversity content in this single issue than true diversity content for the entire year. Now that’s the power of White privilege!

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Listening said...

What kills me is that, behind the scenes when they think no one is paying attention, the very same white women who benefit from this latest round of attention to diversity are the first ones to bar the doors behind them and proclaim that "hiring in ad agencies is all about talent."

The disdain I've personally heard them have for minority men in particular worries me, because I can see where this is going:

More emphasis on training plans and public relations events for minority teenagers (female especially) who can't be hired for another 10 years, and the number of American minority males, AA in particular, continuing to backslide even further in the meantime.