Thursday, October 20, 2016

13399: UK BS.

Derek Walker’s perspective published at The Drum inspired a decent number of comments—and two comments warrant further commentary. A couple of folks presumably from the U.K. expressed outrage over the scenarios Walker had shared that featured overt racism. Judit Mora exclaimed, “This has ‘US’ written all over it. It’s bad in the UK but people couldn’t get away with statements like that, that’s for sure!” Jonathan Stevens chipped in, “Always get amazed by how blatantly racist Americans are. Sure, the British try racism out a bit sometimes, but at least here are more subtle about it, knowing they’d be seen as total arseholes if they said the things in that article.” Leave it to Brits to believe cultural inequities are less severe in their adland neighbourhood. Sorry, it just ain’t true, arseholes!

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