Thursday, October 05, 2017

13849: The Rabbit Died.

Street Leader in Namibia is taking credit for this tribute to the late Hugh Hefner. How thoughtful. Although it might have been even more impactful as a magazine centerfold.

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Anonymous said...

Well now we know the POV of VML’s new diversity director. It’s that same old argument that people of color are just too dense to know that advertising exists as a career path, and inner city middle school students are the key to addressing the lack of hiring, promotion or retention of anyone black or brown.

“There’s an awareness problem among people of color about what advertising is,” said VML director of inclusion and cultural relevance God-is Rivera, echoing an oft-repeated sentiment. She suggested agencies develop more active relationships with their surrounding communities and “hire based on potential.”

It’s a cold day in hell but I find myself agreeing with Omnicom’s guy instead, because he’s the only one acknowledging that there’s a must-hire problem where POC are pushed out by the client’s or creative director’s kids, neighbors, babysitter, etc for internships.

“Frankel revealed that one of his first actions in the job was eliminating an internal “must-hire” list. In responding to Jean-Baptiste’s suggestion that “there’s a lot of privilege in the pipeline,” he suggested that company interns in many cases happened to be the children of executives on the agency or client side.”