Sunday, December 17, 2017

13942: Sherpas For Hire.

The Drum reported former 4As President and CEO Nancy Hill is launching a consultancy—Media Sherpas—to advise companies and “help grow their businesses by simplifying the commercial content experience through a ‘focused and deliberate practice for each aspect of the communication ecosystem.’” Well, Hill certainly has keen expertise on the industry’s inane jargon. (BTW, there’s already a company out there called MediaSherpa, so Hill might need some consultation on copyright considerations.) The consultancy also offers assistance on “talent development initiatives including diversity and inclusion.” Okay, but it’s unclear how Hill might help in that area, given her difficulty achieving anything of meaningful or measurable value when running the premier trade association. Her skills as a Chief Diversity Officer were no more effective than, well, any other Chief Diversity Officer in the field.

Former 4A’s president and chief executive Nancy Hill launches consultancy

By Bennett Bennett

Previous 4As president and chief executive officer Nancy Hill has announced the opening of her new consultancy, Media Sherpas.

The goal of Hill’s new endeavor is to “help brands, agencies and others within the media landscape connect, explore and collaborate.” Media Sherpas looks to be an advisor to companies and help grow their businesses by simplifying the commercial content experience through a “focused and deliberate practice for each aspect of the communication ecosystem.”

“I consider myself a personal trainer for businesses, in the sense that I strive to bring out the best in everyone I work with,” said Hill. “My current clients and the companies I’m looking to partner with are ones who understand the need for objectivity and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.”

The range of offerings within Media Sherpas include consulting on operations and financials, defining and promoting company culture and values, identifying revenue growth opportunities, and talent development initiatives including diversity and inclusion.

The first of the Media Sherpa practices is Agency Sherpa, which assists in meeting the needs of agencies. Cleveland-based Marcus Thomas and its 170 employees will be among the company’s first clients.

Jim Nash, Marcus Thomas’ managing partner said: “Nancy’s experience overseeing the 4A’s gives her a unique perspective on the challenges agencies face and the path to success and we’re looking forward to partnering with her in her new venture.”

Hill will assist the Marcus Thomas leadership team with strategic planning and a range of other initiatives.

“It’s important for our industry that agencies and brands across the board operate at their fullest potential, “ Hill said. “And I want to guide them to reach that potential by sharing some of the best practices I’ve established throughout my career.”

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HellNo said...

It's just insulting that this woman is holding herself out as any kind of expert when it comes to hiring for diversity, given all of the stalling and heatshielding she did as president of the 4As.

Tons of us were begging 4As for help with the issues of racism in the industry for years. The only response was a "Nah, let's talk about women (meaning white women) if we absolutely have to say something at all."