Thursday, June 09, 2005

Essay Fifty-Two

Bikinis, Boy Scouts and other uniform issues worn out by MultiCultClassics Minutes…

• It’s Black Girls Gone Wild in Myrtle Beach, with sistahs sporting bikinis displaying Confederate battle flag designs. The controversy? There’s a five-year-old NAACP boycott of the image. Clearly, the ladies aren’t keeping abreast of political events. Perhaps the actions in South Carolina could be countered with Union Army thongs.

• Boyz N the Hood are not Boy Scouts N Atlanta. Officials claimed over 5,300 registered members were Black. As it turned out, the real figure is closer to 500. So much for Scout’s Honor.

• The US Army is falling short on its recruitment goals, bringing new meaning to its slogan — An Army of One. Hope they’re not using the same auditors as the Boy Scouts in Atlanta.

• Comedy Central’s recruitment efforts appear to be awful too. A network executive met with Dave Chappelle recently, no doubt to plead for the comic’s return. Wonder how many Comedy Central officials have checked into mental health facilities over this situation. Then again, the network continues to make mad profits from sales of Chappelle’s Show: Season 2 Uncensored on DVD.

• McDonald’s “Baobab” TV commercial is bao-bad. Shouldn’t be long before the fast food giant introduces a Premium Baobab Salad.

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