Saturday, February 05, 2011

8464: More Soul Food For Thought.

From The Chicago Sun-Times…

City loses taste of history as Army and Lou’s closes

Another year, another iconic Chicago soul-food restaurant closes its doors.

Last Sunday, Army & Lou’s — renowned as much for its fried chicken and peach cobbler as for its famous clientele — became the latest to succumb to the economy and changing times.

Before that, it was Edna’s in 2010 and Soul Queen in 2009.

And now the owner of Captain’s Hard Time Dining says that South Side establishment is struggling, too.

The end of restrictions on where African Americans could live and eat, coupled with the economic pressures most businesses face, reduced the client base these restaurants relied on.

We know a restaurant can’t stay open for the sake of nostalgia or to preserve the memories of the politicians, musicians and civil rights activists whose pictures line the walls. Still, it’s a sad loss.

Army & Lou’s, in particular, held a special place of distinction for being one of the oldest black-owned restaurants in the Midwest and the favorite of the late Mayor Harold Washington.

The owners of the 65-year-old restaurant say they plan to reopen if they can find investors or a buyer.

Let’s hope they succeed.

Or the flavor of Chicago will grow a little more bland.

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