Friday, November 30, 2012

10800: President Obama’s House Guest.

Top Ten Things Obama Told Romney At The White House

How’s that “I’ll Create Jobs” stuff working out for you?

Most people go to Disneyland after they’ve won something.

You spent nearly $780 million to get beat by a Black guy being blamed for the worst economic crisis in modern history—and you thought you could bring fiscal responsibility to the country?

No, you may not stand on the presidential seal.

The 47% have spoken.

Want a Cabinet position? How about Secretary of Ass-Whupped?

You’ll be the second biggest thing to vanish in 2012—right after Twinkies.

I took you out like I took out Bin Laden.

Now Clint Eastwood will act like you’re invisible.

Somebody cue up “Home” already.

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