Thursday, February 06, 2014

11738: Amazingly Stupid Gracie.

By now it’s no news that Cheerios reunited its interracial/biracial family via a pool-out commercial which ran during the Super Bowl. Don’t mean to be a hater; however, MultiCultClassics has already expressed annoyance over the original spot. The fresh installment deserves even greater derision.

For starters, is Saatchi & Saatchi—the White advertising agency behind the campaign—afraid to depict Caucasian mom and Black pops as a loving couple? The two have yet to been seen together physically interacting at all. If they really want to inform Gracie about her soon-to-arrive baby brother, why isn’t Caucasian mom actively participating in the joyous announcement?

Second, the first commercial featured a marketing objective—presenting the cereal’s heart-healthy benefits—and used the unique household for added attention value. The 3.5 family members serve as the sole distraction device in the latest spot. They are pure and patronizing borrowed interest.

Third, generating hype for the commercial appears to be more important than gaining awareness for Cheerios. Are General Mills executives truly qualified to position themselves as social scientists and liberal activists? Yo, they’re selling processed foodstuff.

Finally, the first spot showed the cereal poured upon Black pops’ chest, while the new spot has Cheerios being used to symbolize the family. Um, does anyone in the home actually eat the fucking shit?

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