Wednesday, December 14, 2016

13466: Maurice Lévy Is A Funny Guy.

Publicis Groupe Chairman-CEO-Clown Maurice Lévy posted a painfully pathetic year-end address to the Publicis peons. Not sure why Lévy thinks he’s a comedian. Then again, the French do view Jerry Lewis as a comic genius. The video actually underscores the White holding company’s dismal dearth of diversity and extreme excess of exclusivity. For starters, Lévy is featured in his palatial office suite. Next, his expensive belongings are packed up by an all-male moving crew—which includes a Black man who could only appear in Lévy’s professional domain via such a subservient maintenance role. Finally, the video announces the soon-to-be-retiring asshole’s office is now available on Airbnb. Don’t be surprised if Lévy refused to sign the Community Commitment pledge.

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