Tuesday, December 05, 2017

13923: CES B.S.

Advertising Age published a report titled, “Marketers Lash CES For Lack of Women Keynote Speakers”—which provided diverted diversity darlings like Antonio Lucio and Brad Jakeman an opportunity to call for a boycott and brand the situation as unacceptable. Of course, the bold activists never hesitated to partner with the White advertising agencies of Omnicom, an exclusive organization that will gleefully give you an ADCOLOR® Award, but never give you EEO-1 data. The patronizing protestors better hope nobody at the tech trade show develops a hypocrite detector.

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Anonymous said...

If Antonio Lucio and Brad Jakeman cared one iota about actual ad industry diversity, they'd have insisted that the holding companies and agencies alike release their EEO-1 data.

They never did, they never have, it's unlikely they will.

Everything else they're doing is window dressing that earns them great diversity PR and the appearance of diversity, without actually doing anything meaningful.

You want to do something meaningful, guys? INSIST ON THE DAMN EEO-1 DATA.