Sunday, September 24, 2006

Essay 1122

The latest American Girl catalog features 35 photographs of Caucasian girls and 3 photos of Black girls — and one Black girl is depicted twice with the same product, while the other is out of focus in the background. Guess the doll company isn’t interested in accurately reflecting American girls. Plus, the girl shown below is kinda creepy — she looks less life-like than the doll.


Kenda said...

I use to get this magazine when I was younger. Sad to see it hasn't changed.

Mianaja said...

I called the company because my stepdaughter is African American and Asian and they have NO Asian dolls at all and the African American doll is one color. Totally not reflective of the range of colors in the community. They did not know when they were going to get an Asian doll or increase the range of characters of African American one. I stopped getting the catalog and bought my child a MyTwinn doll which is custom made based upon a photo you send of your child. American Girl is NOT American! They should change it to Caucasian Girl and friend. Hmm, kinda like the show Friends that was TV, that I never watched for the same reason.