Friday, September 29, 2006

Essay 1150

Surviving and stayin’ alive with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• CBS reality TV series “Survivor” decided to integrate its tribes. No explanation was offered for the multicultural merging. “We’re back to America. We’re a melting pot,” said contestant Parvati. “I love it.” Now will someone with broader appeal replace host Jeff Probst please?

• Environmentalists and authorities believe the proposed U.S.-Mexico border fence will upset migration routes for animals, including rare birds and jaguars. Although the animals will probably wind up using the same alternative paths as illegal immigrants. In the meantime, prepare for face-offs between The Minuteman Project and PETA.

• Senator George Allen is now taking heat from a Confederate group that feels he dissed them by distancing himself from Confederate symbols. Hey, as much as he’d like to, Allen can’t be expected to support every racist platform.

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Make the logo bigger said...

Didn’t at one point he also claim to not recall if he used the N word or not?

Well, I can see his confusion. It sounds just like ‘cat‘, easy to confuse the two.