Saturday, September 30, 2006

Essay 1158

A not-so-thrilling MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Michael Jackson and ex-wife Deborah Rowe have reached a settlement in their child-custody battle. Lawyers for both parties declined to comment, so no one knows any details of the agreement. Which is fine, as most folks stopped caring after Thriller.

• Elvira Arellano will remain holed up in a church for now, after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that sought to halt the woman’s government-ordered deportation to Mexico. The illegal immigrant and her U.S.-born son took refuge in the Chicago church in August. Arellano and her lawyer declined to comment. Which is fine, as most folks stopped caring in August.

• In case anyone still cares, here’s one more response to the AdAge story presented in Essay 1136…

> Touchy subject, but considering the hugely great influence advertising has on our economy and the aggregate US dollars spent toward the companies that peddle the influence, it should be of equally great importance that these groups that represent the brands’ revenues be forced to reflect upon their actions. I do not agree with quotas for the sake of social compliance. However, the advertising industry has gone unchecked in its portrayal of Black people in the many media brands purchase by proxy. I can say from firsthand experience, even when faster, better and cheaper are the hot buttons, media groups that choose to represent the “true” reflective culture of Black America are shunned as not reaching the masses. Seemingly (and this is only from my experience as a Black media company owner), if we are not dedicated to reaching White audiences directly or by crossing over, Big Brand dollars are not for us. The brands won’t say it, but the actions of agencies are clear — Latinos and Asians are today considered target consumer markets, while Blacks are merely an annual $600 Billion given. “Throw them a bone during Black History Month, MLK day, Back to School, and the standard esoteric Cigarette promos.” Like all non-mainstream markets, the nascent Black market may be relatively small, but the major difference and “need” for municipal oversight is that advertising to this market is not represented by nor is it representative of its culture — and it would be nice both socially and economically if it were. — Chicago, IL

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Irene Done said...

HighJive -- Even though I always read MCC, a lot of times I have no instant comment or reaction to what you write. It's all entertaining, thought-provoking stuff that I have to go away and mull over before forming anything like a complete sentence or opinion. And by that time, you've written 10-15 other posts. That's a long way of saying: yeah, I still care about responses to the AdAge story.

I also sorta care about Michael Jackson's children. Only because custody battles and balconies are the least of their worries.