Friday, September 07, 2007

Essay 4424

The latest episode of AMC series Mad Men presented two Black men—together in a single scene! The elevator attendant returned, joined in the car by a mop-pushing janitor. There was even brief dialogue, with the elevator attendant apologizing to Campbell for the delayed ride. Plus, the janitor spied Campbell and Peggy having sex in the office.

Later, Draper visited his mistress and partied with her dope-smoking friends. The hipster group included a Black woman. How edgy!

At an after-work gathering, agency employees squealed and twisted to Chubby Checker.

And to round out the diversity, art director Salvatore Romano rejected a gay romance.

MultiCultClassics proclaims AMC series Mad Men as “The Shit of the Year.”


Make the logo bigger said...

Why do you still wtch this thing? It's like expecting spoiled milk to turned suddenly good again.

HighJive said...

Oh no, barely watching at all—TV’s on while doing other things. Just creating a running tally of cultural cues. Check out ad columnist Lewis Lazare at He’s actually providing weekly reviews, apparently loving the shit.

Hadji said...

lewis lazare is still alive? wow?

HighJive said...

not convinced he can be categorized as alive, but he is publishing a column for the sun-times.