Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8402: Agency Diversity Statement 15.

A collection of diversity-free websites from top agencies.

OK, at least Mullen minimally mentioned diversity.


Anonymous said...

The best way to see agency diversity is up close and personal and walking through their hallways. Of course they will put out diversity statements. --why not, people are dumb enough to read it and believe it, and those people are usually clueless minorites.

Watching the presidential speech last night told me one thing, even though you might have a black president, congress is still 99% white folks, they are the ones running the country, they can block progress and blame failure on him.

Compare that to our industry:
Even though u might have a black chief diversity officer if 99% of your agency or holding company is still white -that is the ultimate fail!!!!

Nobody white will ever take the diversity mantle, but they will allow a clueless black to set up a bootcamp, diversity committee or become the next diversity officer. They will allow blacks to set up 10,000 scholarships and preach the joys of diversity to inner city youth when they're own damn agencies aren't diverse. But guess who co-signs the bullshit, --black people!!!

Notice every black "diversity" persons motto is" were focusing on the new or next generation of minority talent" -- they themselves know these agencies are not willing to hire the current generation of minorities, neither the next who they tell these lies too.

The white people the run this industry know they're are tons of willing black folk willing to preach diversity for them, so why not use the pawns. Hey it keeps the king and queen safe.

Like magneto in X-men said, "let the pawns go first"

Anonymous said...

I personally know three black art directors and two copywriters (one hispanic, another asian) who all interviewed with Mullen's Boston office. Award winners all at local shops that target the black and brown consumer.

The writer had the worse story. Showed up for the interview and was made to wait thirty minutes past his start time. When the ACD got to the lobby, he asked three other people if it was him before recognizing the black man sitting there was who he was supposed to meet with.

It's ugly out there kids. UGLY.

shaun. said...

that one website has like 5 dogs...and no black people.