Saturday, August 03, 2013

11326: Flame-Broiled & Fired At BK.

From The New York Daily News…

Burger King employee sacked over photo of him lying on a bag of buns

A Burger King worker in Japan was reportedly fired after he posted a picture of himself chilling out on top of a mountain of hamburger buns.

By Victoria Taylor / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

No one wants buns near their buns.

A Burger King employee in Japan has been fired after he tweeted a picture of himself lounging on a bed of hamburger buns.

The offender, whose Twitter handle was “@inotayuta,” paired the photo with a comment that the restaurant was exceptionally busy for a weekday, Kotaku reported.

“How many Whopper Juniors do you think I’ve made?” he also wrote, according to Kotaku. “See if you can figure it out for yourself.”

He has since deleted his Twitter account, which also had a picture of him sitting in a garbage can at work.

People in Japan have crowned the worker the “Baka King” (“baka” means “stupid” or “idiot” in Japanese).

Burger King Japan issued a statement apologizing for the incident, claiming that the buns were extras and thrown out after the photo was taken.

This is not the first time a fast food worker has gotten into hot water over a photo of him or her doing something less-than-sanitary on the job. In June, a Taco Bell employee was fired after someone posted a disgusting picture of him licking a stack of shells on Facebook.

Not long after, a picture of a Wendy’s employee enjoying vanilla soft serve straight from the machine went viral.

In July, a Subway worker was canned after he posted an Instagram photo of him putting his penis on top of a roll. One of his co-workers also lost his job after he posted a picture of what appeared to be frozen urine.

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