Thursday, August 15, 2013

11357: Legend Latest Brand Ambassador.

From Vibe…

Interview: John Legend Talks 'Love In The Future,' EDM, Definitive Technology

By Andrew Asare

John Legend is ready to Love In The Future, and he’s making sure this message is crystal clear.

As the “All Of Me” singer/songwriter readies his highly anticipated fourth solo studio album, Love In The Future, out September 3rd, Legend spoke with VIBE on a private Google+ Hangout, in conjunction with his brand new partnership with the audio company Definitive Technology, sharing the concept behind his new project ‘Love In The Future,’ EDM and his future with Definitive.

“The idea behind Love in the Future, aside from the literal explanation of a new relationship and the optimism and freshness involved in that, is exploring the paradox of timeless concepts,” Legend says. The album explores “love and ‘classic’ relationships in an era that seems to suggest that the classic interpretation of romance and love may be obsolete.”

Apart from linking with executive producers Kanye West and Dave Tozer, Legend also recruited Q-Tip, Pharrell Williams, 88-Keys, Da Internz, DJ Camper and Hit-Boy for his follow up. However, not shy to verge into different lanes of music, Legend also spoke about his affinity for the DJs and producers in the electronic dance music (EDM) world, although for ‘Love’ Legend’s keeping it strictly soulful.

“Music is music, and great art can be made in any genre,” said Legend. “There is certainly some great EDM being made. I’ve collaborated with some talented EDM DJs and producers in the past and wouldn’t mind doing it again in the future. But, for my own album, I decided to concentrate on trying to make a great modern soul album because that’s what I do best.”

In addition to the new album and tour, Legend now carries the title of brand ambassador of Definitive Technology supporting their audio products line up including the Sound Cylinder Bluetooth Speakers. As a loyal consumer who uses Definitive, while on the road and at his home, he believes his partnership is a sound match made in musical heaven.

“I’m someone who really believes things should sound the way the artist intended them to sound. Definitive [Technology] puts effort to make music sound great,” he said. “Definitive knows how to bring forth the beauty that the artist wants to convey.”

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