Saturday, August 20, 2016

13306: Globalhue Black & Blue.

AgencySpy posted on the latest financial woes of Globalhue, revealing that ten employees filed a class-action lawsuit for wages owed by the dying agency. The shop has reportedly failed to pay its workers for many months. Not even a few crumbs. The real estate company that owns the agency’s New York headquarters is also pursuing legal action, along with a personal driver who chauffeured CEO Don Coleman and his daughter, Kelli Coleman. Guess the Colemans will have to catch a cab to the courthouse.

But the most outrageous part of the exposé—besides the fact that only a lame blog like AgencySpy is bothering to cover the news—is the following excerpt:

In addition to the suit, we also hear that GlobalHue will soon close its New York office after losing its last client, Walmart. That company recently consolidated its accounts with Publicis, and multiple sources have told us that the multicultural portion of the business was part of that move.

Great. The client that once boasted boosting its budget for multicultural marketing is apparently consolidating with White advertising agencies in a White holding company. Hell, the minority business will probably be awarded to a shop run by White women.

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Anonymous said...

if you visit young Ms. Coleman's Instagram feed you'll be regaled with images of glam photoshoots and a row of Mercedes G-Class vehicles as she pimps her new venture, a "modern nail bar." Wonder whose efforts underwrote that? Well, not really.