Sunday, August 20, 2017

13795: Hitting The Bot-tle.

The boozers in Brazil created an Alcoholics Anonymous Chatbot to add to the AA scam ad collection.

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Bridge7 said...

I am so over Brazilian creatives. None of them, at least the ones working in America, know how to do anything other than create fake advertisements.

That's how they're getting to Cannes, which is where American agencies find them, winning awards for their fake ads.

Then American agencies fall all over themselves to hire them, handing out H1/B visas like candy, but they fall apart once they get here and have to pitch actual campaigns to actual clients.

It wouldn't be so bad if the agencies didn't constantly insist on holding them up as proof of diversity. Except they're all white, and couldn't care less about diversity in America at all. You haven't seen racism until you've seen Brazilian Creative casting session racism.