Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6689: Just Another Day With Diversity.

Agency Spy reported on the Diversity In Advertising Career Day held last week in New York. Clumsy writing aside, the story and accompanying comments thread revealed the typical bullshit—plus, a few head-scratcher moments.

Bartle Bogel Hegarty allegedly set up a table with a sign requesting candidates simply drop off résumés. Not surprising.

The representative of one agency actually refused to accept résumés. Others failed to offer business cards or contact details. These shops are obviously unfamiliar with the job fair concept.

Some agencies admitted they weren’t hiring, and directed candidates to apply or register via their websites. Nice. And be sure to clearly indicate your race, ethnicity and gender on the online forms.

Another comment observed “maybe even more than half” of the attendees weren’t minorities. Hey, if Robert Downey, Jr. could pull it off in Tropic Thunder…

The official sponsors consisted of numerous notable organizations, including the 4As. What were the people in charge thinking? We all know the industry is hardly in a hiring mode right now. So why didn’t anyone shift the focus and turn the day into an informational seminar, portfolio review or potluck picnic?

Yes, the industry has consistently demonstrated it’s incapable of generating effective solutions for diversity. But the inability to coordinate the most basic get-together is sad.

Hype for the Diversity In Advertising Career Day stated the event would let agencies “showcase their company’s commitment to diversity.” Mission accomplished.

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kiss my black ads said...

Haa! Mission Accomplished indeed. I wonder if someone showed up in 'whiteface' if that would have gotten some attention? I'd do it.