Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6826: Drafting Cultural Cluelessness.

Declaring Howard Draft is a lying, fucking moron is like announcing the sky is blue. Nonetheless, MultiCultClassics will spend a moment stating the obvious.

We’ve witnessed the expulsion of culturally clueless crap from Draftfcb that offended Italian Americans, Asian Americans, Blacks, Latinos, Women and anyone with half a mind—which likely excludes senior management at the IPG BDA. Granted, brainless insensitivity is not necessarily a unique phenomenon in the advertising industry. Yet Draft compounds the crimes every time he looks into a camera lens to deliver gobbledygook on his self-proclaimed Agency Of The Future. In one particularly inane video, the man blathers about his shop’s ability to use consumer insights to generate breakthrough creative. Additionally, Draft insists he’s eliminated silos, creating a fully integrated unit. It must also be noted that Draftfcb boasts multicultural expertise.

If Draftfcb is so damned smart with consumer insights, and features non-segregated multicultural wunderkinds, why does the place consistently display such absolute ignorance?

For the answer, reread the opening sentence.


kiss my black ads said...

Yes this about sums it up! I read this when you posted. For some reason I honestly thought this (and the countless other remarks) would slow these people down from this kind of material. wrong.

Intercultural Talk said...

I clicked on all of the links within the article and seeing all of Draftfcb's ads together makes you wonder how they are still in business.

On the other hand, it also makes me wonder about the ROI on the ads--does the controversy around really offensive ads end up giving them more visibility in the long run--or do people who buy into or 'believe' the stereotypes perpetuated in the ads buy enough product to compensate for the entire audiences who are offended?

(p.s. I found this post from kiss my black ads post' on the Taco Bell/Roosevelts awful ad)