Friday, July 26, 2013

11304: John Wren—Pioneer Of Diversity…?

The 2013 AAF Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards & Forum named Omnicom President-CEO John Wren a Pioneer of Diversity. It’s not clear what criteria was used to justify the honor. Wren has consistently delegated diversity via stereotypical solutions like launching a Diversity Development Advisory Committee, hiring a Chief Diversity Officer, sponsoring ADCOLOR® and approving obligatory contributions to minority scholarships, minority internships and minority youth outreach programs. Additionally, Omnicom originally balked at dealing with the New York City Commission on Human Rights back in 2006. Wren later ordered his agencies to come into compliance with the diversity agreements by the end of 2008. Didn’t happen. Of course, Wren has mastered the fine art of Corporate Cultural Collusion—and he even created a minority advertising agency in order to win multicultural business from Nissan.

Yep, the guy’s a bona fide pioneer.

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