Saturday, August 31, 2013

11406: The Pitch Petered Out…?

Did anyone catch AMC series The Pitch on Thursday night? Besides an Advertising Age interview with the nondescript client featured in the second installment, there appear to be no reviews or online posts for the third episode. Perhaps the Labor Day weekend prevented people from providing commentary. Or maybe folks are trying to be polite and not publicize the embarrassing mediocrity. More likely, viewers aren’t bothering to tune in. Hell, the fan site hasn’t even posted at all this season. However, the AMC blog claims 295 people voted in the poll that asked, “Which agency should have won?” It’s a safe bet that the two agencies and client have a total of 295 employees, give or take a handful of supportive kin. MultiCultClassics will continue to review The Pitch without actually watching the show—but it’s growing increasingly pointless if no one else cares to watch either.

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