Monday, August 26, 2013

11390: Bogusky’s Bullshit About Jobs.

Alex Bogusky continues his metamorphosis from adman to social and political activist with the Million American Jobs Project. The YouTube posting states the following:

Economics isn’t all that complicated. We can create a million new American jobs this year by simply looking for the Made In America label. If each of us takes a tiny fraction of the money we’re already spending and buys US-made goods, we’ll create [an] economic tidal wave. Watch the video, and then share it with at least two people. Boom, you just helped make a million new jobs.

Not convinced Bogusky is qualified to declare “economics isn’t all that complicated.” His plan to create American jobs requires eliminating overseas jobs, which could hurt U.S. companies that outsource labor. Other potential negative results include higher prices and lower consumer interest. And let’s not forget the already-underpaid foreign workers, who will likely be thrown into poverty upon losing their jobs. To top it off, Bogusky seems half-hearted himself with the proposition; that is, he’s only suggesting increasing your American-made purchases by 5 percent—so you can keep your Nikes and Apple products. Heaven forbid multimillionaire Bogusky might find the courage and commitment to emulate John and Maggie Anderson, who sought to jump-start the economy in 2009 by exclusively supporting Black-owned businesses for an entire year.

Additionally, how will the new positions be distributed? Based on Bogusky’s cluelessness regarding the dearth of diversity in the advertising industry, don’t expect any non-Whites to benefit from the Million American Jobs Project. Sadly, Bogusky has never realized diversity isn’t all that complicated.

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